Flamenco Nights with Josemi Carmona

Rafita from Madrid, Saul Quiros, El Carpeta, Marina Valiente and el Bandolero





Destino Ibiza presents, from July 3th to August 28th, an amazing flamenco dance program for the delight of the most gourmet public: FLAMENCO NIGHT

The night will start every Tuesday at 10 pm with a special “flamenco” menu to keep you warm. From midnight the TOX club will dress up in their best clothes, to make way for an exquisite flamenco show.

Josemi Carmona will be the host of the evening, next to him every Tuesday will spend on the tablao of the TOX different invited artists who will take the stage by surprise during the show.

This tuesday 3rd we introduce the opening day of the FLAMENCO NIGHT in Destino Ibiza, Josemi Carmona will be accompanied by Rafita from Madrid, Saul Quiros, El Carpeta, Marina Valiente and El Bandolero.


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